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Ads Southeast Texas Classifieds This is just about the fastest way to sell (or buy) a wide variety of odds and ends in the Southeast area of Texas. I use this site for just about every old/slightly used item I want to sell. You can also find inexpensive items slightly used that may be just what you need, such as a washer or dryer for a fracture of new items (such as when someone upgrades their stuff or has an estate sale.)
Apologetics Bible Defender Free Creation Science Newsletter. Independent, Fundamental, Bible-Believing Baptist newsletter for creation apologetics.
Art Randy Welborn Studio Christian artist Randy Welborn brings the fifties back to life in his Moments to Remember series of paintings, depicting Beaumont, Texas as it appeared in the fifties with classic cars, movie posters, neon lights, and more. Also enjoy paintings of Galveston, the Big Thicket National Preserve and local rustic landscapes.
Bookstore Crown Christian Publications Christian resources including christian music, books, audio sermons, biographies, devotionals, Bible study guides, Sunday school material and more!
Bookstore Dramatic Difference Publications Dramas, cantatas, programs with a strong gospel message written specifically for fundamental churches, Christian Schools, and Home Schooling Groups. All music is conservative. Piano course, "Praising God on the Piano," Christian novel - "Seventy Times Seven."
Church Building Resources Church Chairs (Millbrook Industries) Millbrook Industries offers tables and chairs including church chairs and church seating. We also carry a comprehensive selection of office chairs.
Church Building Resources Gabriel Ministries (Used Pews) Founded in 1999, Gabriel Ministries is a volunteer operated ministry here to help churches find good used furniture for their worship and classroom needs.
Church Building Resources Helping Small Churches A Ministry of Helps to small Independent Baptist Churches
Church Building Resources LeaseExperts.com Equipment leasing options for churches. One page & on line application to $75,000. Same day approvals. Leasing for almost any kind of church equipment from LCD projectors to church seating, sound systems, church computers, telphone systems, office.
Dating Baptist Dating Service Online dating for Baptists
Dating Baptist Meet Dot Com Satire - Parody (video)
Dating Christian Connection Online dating for Christians
Dating Christian Dating for Free FREE Online dating for Christians
Dating Christian Mingle Christian Dating for Christian Singles - Join Free at Christian Mingle
Dating eHarmony (Christian) This site has special deals with dating websites for discounts and some free services. Includes many articles about Christian dating and safety. This site has a comprehensive database of Active Christian Singles Groups in the US. This list includes the names and addresses of places to meet real Christian Singles in your area.
Dating Online Dating Safety Guide FREE Guilde for Online Dating. Here is come great info on protecting yourself from financial, physical, and psychological harm while looking into dating. I've known other who fell victim to scams and lost out, so I've included this guide to help you avoid some dangerous and hurtful situations.
Education Moody Bible Institute A higher-education Christian organization that seeks to serve Christ to advance His cause. In addition to education, the ministries of MBI include Moody Publishers, MOODY magazine, Moody Radio, Conference and Church Ministries, as well as retail outlets.
Family Life American Family Association The American Family Association represents and stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media on our society.
Family Life Christian Mommies Hundreds of articles for parents about parenting (mostly by Christian authors/mothers), and for women/mothers about the day to day issues you face. Online community for Christian moms like you, where you can meet other moms and make connections.
Family Life Faith For The Family Christian home material.
Family Life Focus on the Family On each information-packed broadcast (this is the former ministry of Dr. James Dobson) and his guests give you practical advice on marriage, parenting, emotional and spiritual growth, health, social issues and public policy concerns.
Family Life Joni & Friends Joni Eareckson Tada is the founder and president of Joni and Friends, an organization accelerating Christian ministry in the disability community. A diving accident in 1967 left Mrs. Tada a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, unable to use her hands. During two years of rehabilitation, she spent long months learning how to paint with a brush between her teeth. Her high detail fine art paintings and prints are sought after and collected.
Family Life I'm a Lazy Mom a Lazy Mom is a mom who doesn’t do everything for her children, she teaches her children how to do things for themselves, thereby making her a "e; lazy mom. "e; This site is filled with recipes and practical tips for making family life easy.
Fax PamFax Send a fax without a fax machine. Send straight from Word, or over the PamFax website. Receive faxes too using Dropbox, Box, GoogleDocs, or Skydrive. Integrate with Skype! Effective and easy to use. Free for monthly account, and faxes cost only 13 cents in the U.S. You can also get your own virtual fax number to receive faxes without having a fax machine. I love this option. (Costs less than driving to the library to send a fax at a dollar a page, and much more conventient.)
Financial Services Central Missionary Clearinghouse CMC is a non-profit corporation based in Houston, Texas, organized to promote Christianity and its principles through evangelistic and missionary endeavors. This agency assists missionaries in financial matters. CMC is not a mission board, but is a funds-handling accounting agency. CMC is a Service Agency and does not qualify, approve, send or support missionaries.
Financial Services Final Frontiers Foundation Become personally involved in missions by personally supporting a Baptist preacher. (Note: This is not a mission sending organization, but a means for individuals to financially support preachers around the world.) This ministry exists to effectively take the Gospel to the more than 3 billion souls who have never before heard. Currently we are ministering in more than 64 countries on five continents. Hundreds of families, churches and Sunday School classes across the United States, Europe and Australia are involved in supporting preachers and orphans through this foundation.
Internet Services BaptistHost.net A web hosting company that Christians can trust! Reliable webhosting for as low as $5.00/mo. We also offer design and consultation services.Very fast servers and outstanding, fast, friendly customer responsiveness from the Baptist preacher who owns this company. (This is the same host that baptistinfo.org uses.)
Internet Services CleanInter.net Have you ever innocently clicked a link thinking that it was one thing, then found a website that slaps you in the face with pornography. Or worse, when you click to close the page, another porno page pops up in its place? Would you like the peace of mind that your children can safely surf the internet without fear of accessing inappropriate, psychologically damaging and morally degrading material. Want to protect your church's computer from access to pornographic websites? Clean Internet is the best way to obtain filtering for all the world's web of trash. Now you and your church can safely surf with peace of mind and a clear conscience.
Media Supplies Church Audio Video Supply This company based in Houston Texas has all types of media equipment and supplies. They have CD and tape recorders, blank CD's and tapes in bulk, CD and tape duplicators, wireless lapel microphones, etc. They have great service, with orders filled and shipped the same day the order is place! They will even ship small orders before receiving payment, then send a bill to the church. They can send the bill your P.O. Box, while shipping the tapes to the pastor or sound engineer's home. Very convenient service, and extremely competitive prices! This company is highly recommended.
Media Supplies Oxygen Multimedia Ministries High-quality church graphics and exceptional Christian images. Each graphic is professionally illustrated with powerful biblically inspired images,and is available in a full-screen format, a soft-edge version, and pre-built into 15 PowerPoint-ready graphic templates designed to be applied immediately into your sermon, worship or presentation. You can choose to download Christian PowerPoint graphics individually online, purchase them in value-packed CD-ROMs shipped directly to your door, or become a member of the Oxygen family and receive free and discounted Christian images thoughout the month.
Missions Amazing Grace Mission AGM's ministry is personal soul-winning at fair grounds, referring anyone saved to local Independent Baptist Churches. An Independent Baptist Mission endeavor - soul winning, witnessing, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ by the leading of the Holy Spirit from the Word of God at fairs, festivals, & farm shows using the King James Bible.
Missions Armed Forces Baptist Missions A ministry to the USA and Foreign military with emphasis on planting Military church and Service Centers as a home away from home.
Missions UNSHACKLED! Real people. Real life stories Stirring, dramatic accounts of hopelessness, and the hope that changes everything. "UNSHACKLED!" the award-winning radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives. Since 1950, Pacific Garden Mission has produced this unique series, making "UNSHACKLED!" the longest-running radio drama in history. Still produced in the style of the "Golden Age" of radio, every element is live at the time of the production — the original music, the creative sound effects and, of course, the dynamic performances of talented professional actors.
Music Groups Brian Free & Assurance Southern Gospel
Music Groups Calvary Quartet (South Carolina) Southern Gospel - The Calvary Quartet desires to minister to hearts through Gospel music. Please visit our website to learn more about our traveling music ministry.
Music Groups Calvarymen Quartet Southern Gospel - The Calvarymen Quartet has been a favorite name in Gospel Music since their origination in 1956. Named by the Michigan State Legislature as “Michigan’s Goodwill Ambassadors” they have represented Michigan many times at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY, and are currently featured regularly on Gospel Music Television satellite network. Their reputation for great gospel music continues today as this group of men presents the gospel in song throughout their home state of Michigan, the north-central United States, and occasionally as far as Kentucky and Florida. The Calvarymen sing in churches, county fairs, festivals, theaters, and special event stages that have featured them with nearly every top southern gospel group in the nation!

From close harmony, to accapella, to traditional southern gospel, the legacy of great gospel music continues! Attend one of their concerts and find out why so many people say the Calvarymen Quartet is one of the top gospel groups in America today!
Music Groups Chosen Witness Southern Gospel - Listen to their songs online (streaming MP3 format) and purchase CD's from their website.
Music Groups Daybreak Quartet Southern Gospel - The Daybreak Quartet was formed in 1991 by four freshmen at a Christian college in the state of Florida. The group performed primarily acapella numbers for on-campus events for the next four years. After graduation, the group moved to Stockbridge, Georgia and began singing in area churches several times a month. In 1999, the quartet began traveling full time and now presents around 175 concerts each year.
Music Groups Dixie Echoes Southern Gospel - For over 45 years, The Dixie Echoes have been delivering the good news of the Gospel through their spiritually uplifting musical ministry. Although considered to be one of the pioneer Southern Gospel groups, the Dixie Echoes have maintained a refreshing vocal style, and a diverse selection of songs that appeal to audiences of all ages. This captivating group offers hope and inspiration as they share the message of God and His love for all people during each invigorating performance.
Music Groups Dixie Melody Boys Southern Gospel - Spreading the eternal message if Christ without compromise is the foundation and cornerstone of any career in the ministry of the Gospel. Over the last 40 years, The Dixie Melody Boys have been featured on such popular television programs as the Ralph Emery Show and Primetime Country. They had appeared at Carowinds Theme Park, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Dollywood. Southern Gospel radio stations nationwide consistently fill the airwaves with the music of The Dixie Melody Boys. Throughout the past four decades, hit songs have flowed their way in bunches. In fact, they had enjoyed more that 20 Top 40 hits, including eight Top 10 releases.
Music Groups Dove Brothers Southern Gospel - Voted favorite "Male Quartet of The Year" by the Southern Gospel Music Association and The Singing News Fan Awards, The Dove Brothers high energy presentation and progressive arrangements reflect a tangible link to the good old days of gospel music.
Music Groups Down East Boys Southern Gospel - Music is a powerful tool that reaches into the very soul of man. When music is added with the Gospel of Christ lives are changed. The down East Boys are true examples of life-changing music. Almost twenty years ago a vision was turned into reality and a group of men began singing on the costal regions of North Carolina. As the music began to change lives the ministry began to expand. In 1989 the Down East Boys were blessed to have a single entitled "Beautiful Valley", which helped lead the group from part time status to full time. Listen to samples online.
Music Groups Florida Boys Southern Gospel - For over fifty years fans have been flocking to see The Florida Boys, the only male quartet that's been consistently prominent from the 1950's to today. With No. 1 hits like "Standing On The Solid Rock", "When He Was On The Cross, I Was On His Mind", "Lead Me To The Altar" and "I Lean On You Lord" this legendary group has recorded some 100 albums and attained a following of devoted listeners.
Music Groups Four Fold Quartet Southern Gospel - Character, consistency and commitment when joined with a "divine calling," yields a ministry seldom paralleled by the masses of today's standards. From Scotts Hill, Tennessee comes a musical ministry experience known as "Four Fold" that strives to maintain this standard of excellence deemed worthy of the Savior they sing about. Singing together since June of 1985.
Music Groups Gold City Southern Gospel - Since the group's formation some 25 years ago in the historical gold rush town of Dahlonega, GA, this Southern Gospel quartet has consistently remained at the top of their field.
Music Groups Heaven 4 Shore Southern Gospel - We are a southern gospel group dedicated to sharing the gospel and encouraging christians through song.
Music Groups Legacy Five Southern Gospel
Music Groups Oak Grove Quartet Southern Gospel
Music Groups The Anchor Men Southern Gospel
Music Groups The Collins Family Southern Gospel
Music Groups The Harvesters Quartet Southern Gospel - The Harvesters’ Quartet was organized in 1953, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The original members were: Pat Patterson, Bill Hefner, Buddy Parker, Hershel Wooten and David Reece. Over the years, The Harvesters became one of the top gospel groups in the nation. They disbanded for a while and later were reorganized by Bill Hefner, who sang with the group, until he ran and was elected to the U.S. Congress, representing the 8th District of North Carolina.
Music Groups The Liberty Quartet Southern Gospel
Music Groups The Nelons Contemporary Gospel - beautiful high harmony with contemporary gospel music.
Music Groups The Watchmen Quartet (Canada) Southern Gospel - They are now retired, but CDs are available as long as they last if you want some great southern gospel, traditional quartet music and may be purchased by calling the Watchmen office at 714-524-0101.
Music Resources Benson Sound Encore Soundtrax from $7.50 - Buy CDs or DOWNLOAD soundtracks and lyrics. Buy CDs or DOWNLOAD soundtracks. You can quickly download MP3 versions when you need a CD Saturday for a service on Sunday. The downloads also include lyrics and sometimes background vocals. You can listen to demos of every song online (with the demo vocals).
Music Resources Bible Truth Music Church music for choir, special groups, cantatas, piano books, etc.
Music Resources Christian Book.com Sountracks from $.99 to $7.99 - Popular (contemporary and classic) professional accompaniment soundtracks on CD and for instant Download. Priced from from $.99 to $7.99 per soundtrack.
Printing Services Bethel Baptist Print Ministry Bethel Baptist Church is a local Independent Church running a Digital Print shop. We have been printing Way of Life Literature since 1991 and our website features books printed for sale at very reasonable prices. We also have streaming MP3 sermons.
Printing Services Chick Tracts Kids and adults alike love these carton style tracts. Remember the tracts "This was Your Life!" and "A Demon's Nightmare"? View them and many others online now! Email lost friends with the web address of a chick tract and they can read it online now. Today, nearly forty years after writing his first tract, God is still giving Jack Chick new gospel tracts. In fact, he is now producing some of his most popular work. As of this writing, five of the ten most popular Chick tracts in stock have been written in the last year or two. Order an assortment pack today and watch people come to Christ!
Printing Services Faith Baptist Church Publications The world wide printing ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Fort Pierce, Florida
Printing Services Local Church Resources KJV Tracts, your church imprint in four-color. Spanish Tract, Church Brochures, Christian School Brochures
Printing Services Spread The Word Ministries Provides free Bibles, Bible Tracts, Gospel Tapes and other christian Materials to those who are hungry for the word of God.
Radio Fundamental Broadcasting Network This is a real radio station streamed live over the internet using RealAudio. FBN is a local church ministry dedicated to spreading the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ through a network of radio stations across the world. FBN began as a single FM station, WOTJ 90.7FM Morehead City, N.C., which is now providing Christ-Honoring, pure Christian programming for many areas.
Radio KFBN Christian Radio Real broadcast radio (88.7 FM) streamed live on the net by Fargo Baptist Church in Fargo, ND. Available in RealAudio or Windows Media formats. Listen to conservative Christian music, fundamental Baptist teaching and preaching, and some great radio shows like The Bible in Living Sound and the classic radio drama Unshackled!
Radio KJAB Christian Radio Listen Live! A ministry of the Ole Country Baptist Church in Mexico, MO
Radio KOLU Christian Family Radio LIVE Internet Radio 24/7/365 from Riverview Baptist Church, Pasco, WA, USA. Excellent conservative Christian music and Christ-centered preaching, teaching and programming.
Social Media Baptist Board Great discussion forums for Baptists! Check it out!
Social Media Jesus Folk Christian Start Page - Jesus Christ is Lord!
Social Media Online Baptist We are committed to bringing you Fundamental Baptist Websites in an organized way. Now with a KJV Message Board
Video Common Sense Media Now you can determine how appropriate a movie is (or is not) before watching it. This site has very detailed movie reviews include how much language (even what words are used), the amount of sexual content, how much and what kind of violence, etc. They rate, educate, and advocate for kids, families, and schools.
Video Impact Video Ministries A Christian video production service. This media minister can produce professional quality videos for your church or ministry at a very reasonable expense.
Video Jesus Film Watch the Jesus Film online. Over 60 different languages available online.
Video VidAngel Live stream and life filter any or all profanity and/or nudity from Hollywood movies. PRAY FOR THIS SERVICE TO WIN THE LEGAL BATTLES TO ALLOW FILTERING!

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