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Activities Christian Crafters Creative Curriculum, Sunday School Material, Bible Games, Crafts, Skits, Object Lessons & Sermons
Activities Danielle's Place This site is dedicated to teaching children through crafts and activities. You will find hundreds of inexpensive crafts and activities for children. Most of the crafts and activities on this site are Bible-based and are great to use in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, preschool, and home school. You will find complete Bible curriculum with math, reading, phonics, writing, science, and learning games included.
Activities eBibleTeacher Free materials to use with your church's kids. Get free religious backgrounds and PowerPoint templates, free photos of Bibleland places and things, Bible Atlas, free printable Children's Sunday School material complete with activities, songs, coloring pages, etc.
Activities Egad! Ideas Here you will find a huge collection of free games, activities and ideas for those who work with today's youth. All of these ideas have been tried and tested by those currently working in youth ministry so you can be assured that you will only find quality, timeless ideas that you and your youth will enjoy.
Activities Teacher's Help Resources for Christian Teachers. Educational resources, puppets, skits, crafts, and coloring pages, and links to other Christian resources.
Activities Youth Group Games Includes instructions for Youth Group games, team building games, activities or ideas for youth groups. Perfect resource for youth pastors, youth leaders, and activities directors for all churches.
Coloring Coloring Pages Free different types of coloring pages are easily available at morecoloringpages.com such as printable coloring pages, coloring books, and online coloring activities for young kids in different categories.
Finances Budgeting Guide for Kids and Teens This shopping site has a list of very helpful links to budgeting tools, Categories include: How to Create Budgets, Budgeting Games, Managing Money, and Teaching Kids to Budget.
Finances Dave Ramsey - Gazelle Budget Lite Zero-based budgeting tool. This online budget creating software is easy to use, and based on "My Total Money Makeover." This is a great tool to get started or learn how to create a new zero-based budget.
Finances Financial Literacy - CreditCards.com Teaching financial literacy to children and teens: A guide for parents and teachers. Teaching children the fundamentals of credit, finance and money management not only helps develop valuable problem-solving skills but is also crucial to their long-term success later in life. Our guide includes educational games and lessons to help children of all ages begin exploring the benchmarks of financial literacy, such as earning, saving, and investing.
Finances Practical Money Skills - Learning Games To help consumers and students of all ages learn the essentials of personal finance, Visa has partnered with leading consumer advocates, educators, and financial institutions to develop the Practical Money Skills program. At practicalmoneyskills.com and whatsmyscore.org, consumers, educators, parents, students and policymakers can access free educational resources, including personal finance articles, games and lesson plans.
Finances Virtual Stock Market Game The stock market game is a classroom exercise that provides students of all ages an opportunity to learn about Wall Street and teaches them how the stock market works. In the game, students choose stocks that they “purchase” with virtual funds and then track the performance of those stocks over a specified period of time. The game can be tailored to any age group and classroom environment and can last for as long or as briefly as necessary.
Heritage Heritage Builders What are you doing to pass on a spiritual heritage to your children? Here are some links to heritage-related resources.
Homeschool ChristianBook.com - Homeschool Materials All products for Homeschool Christian Educators. If you prefer A.C.E. Paces, A Beka books, or literally any other academic material, you'll find it here. Best prices, widest variety of publishers, subjects, all grade levels, guides and workbooks, and fast service.
Homeschool Periodic Table of the Elements Videos A video lesson about every single element on the periodic table. Excellent tool for home-school teachers, students, and those who are curious about their world.

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