GPS Coordinates

Now On the Map!

Pop-up NOW ONLINE.  Each church in the directory (world-wide) now has a working popup displaying specific info on each church associated with each dot on the map.  Every church is here on the map…

I’ve updated all 9385 churches in the Baptistinfo Church Directory to include the GPS coordinates which correspond to the address on record for your church.  View the map located at the bottom of the Baptistinfo Church Directory page.  If that address is wrong or if the GPS coordinates place your church in a different place than the real location on the map, please send me an update including your church’s name, zip code, and the correct GPS coordinates.

If you need help finding your GPS coordinates, try using Google maps to pinpoint your church, then look at the URL (in the address bar) to find your coordinates. Or you can try using to find your church’s correct coordinates.

Thanks for helping me keep Baptistinfo up to date!

Making Changes

I’m making some changes on this website. Please be patient. All will be restored shortly.

Hopefully this new look and feel will also make it easier to update all information. It will be worth it once completed, and the best way to do this is with a live website so we can all see the changes as they occur. Thanks for sticking with us and helping us with on-going updates.

In Christ,

Doyle O. Welborn