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Last Revised: 2019/04/16
Database contains 9357 churches.

The Directory Database costs $29.95 to download, payable with credit card or electronic check through the secure services of PayPal. This is a one-time payment with unlimited FREE updates. All payments support the continued development of the BaptistInfo Directory. You will receive a link to the directory zipped file immediately after your payment to Welborn Computer Services is processed. All credit card orders are processed immediately! Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

After you complete your payment, you will be redirected to the download page to retrieve your file. Pop-up blockers should be disabled. If you have any trouble getting the file, please email me requesting a link to the file.

The Directory is in a zipped file, containing the same database in three popular formats.

The first format is a Comma Delimited format (a.k.a., Comma Seperated Value). The Comma Delimited format is the most widely used format and you should be able to import this database into any data processor such as Microsoft Works, Access, Lotus, Palm Pilot, and countless others. If you do not have a data processing program, there are countless shareware (or freeware) information managers available on the internet.

Comma delimited means that each field is separated by a comma, and each field is enclosed in single quotation marks. Each record (each different church) is followed by a hard carriage return. NOTE: When you import this database, the first field is unique ID for each church, for example, 77625BAP. The first phone number is the church, and the second phone number is the pastor's home. Two asterisks ** means that no data is available for that field. If you need help importing your database, please feel free to Contact Me.

The second format included in the zipped file is an Excel 2013 format which can be easily opened with Microsoft Excel. The file called IBCD.XLSX is the Excel (MS Office 2013) format. The both files contain the same data, only in a different format.

The third format is Microsoft Access 2013 (the file is called IBCD.MDB). This format can be linked to the Excel database for increased functionality, and it contains the exact same information as the Excel format. When the databases are linked together, you can press 'Refresh All' in Excel to update the information that is shared between the two documents.

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