The following form is used to add a missionary's link from Baptistinfo to the missionary's website. only provides a free link; we do not fund or approve any missionaries. This is only a link to your website, which must be in working order when you submit this form. Any links to websites "under construction" will be deleted. You may use any valid URL (website address) including your church's website on which you appear, or your facebook page.

The "Ministry Field" should be a few words locating your field of labor (that is, the name of the place where you serve, for example, Southeast Asia, Brazil, etc.)

After your information is reviewed, this form will generate a link to your website.

All Field are Required.

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I am unaffiliated. I am not sent by any Mission Board, but I am under the sole authority of my sponsoring Independent Baptist Church.

I am Independent Baptist in faith, doctrine, and practice.

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