About Us

Baptistinfo started as a printed book, the Independent Baptist Church Directory, compiled by myself, Doyle O. Welborn, from the address books of several independent Baptist missionaries who were on deputation visiting churches across nation in the early 1980s. Before the days of the internet (yes, there was a time when the internet did not exist), I wanted to be able to help missionaries find churches. I made the Directory and sold it to dozens of pastors, which funded the ability to give free copies of the book to visiting missionaries when they would come to visit my home church during their deputation.

Having some BASIC computer skills, I created a database of the churches' information. When the internet exploded in popularity, I create the website Baptistinfo in order to distribute the church directory as inexpensively as possible. Finally, I discovered a programming solution allowing me to insert the entire database into a webpage "template" and generate over 9000 individual web pages for churches, missionaries, and evangelists. Now the entire church directory can be maintained in a Microsoft Access database, which is also available for you to download, and the free web pages are generated from that same database.

Our Vision

We believe the Great Commission. We believe in the value of the local church. We seek to reach the world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through the internet, referring believers to the local church.

In order to fulfill this portion of the Great Commission, we will:

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