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The following pages contain the entire updated King James Bible. Select the Book, Chapter, and Verse to go to a specific verse. (Selecting a verse is optional.)

Plea to all ministers: WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please help us build this updated, illustrated Bible, and add to the commentary! Send us your Word documents, PDF files, or even photos (copyright free) and videos to specific verses or chapters. Do you have sermons featuring one specific verse? Just email an attachment to doylewelborn@gmail.com and specify the verse reference.


Updated KJV Preface

The word "Yea" is now "Yes" in bold font to indicate the meaning "Yes, indeed" or Yes, most definitely."
The word "Ye" meaning "All of You" (or as we say in the south, "Y'all") is the plural form of "You" and is now translated as boldface "You".
The word "serpent" is now "snake."
The word "shall" is now "will."
The word "verily" is now "truly."

The Updated KJV is used with permission. I love Jesus.

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