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Revival #1

Get Real! It's Not About You!

(Luke 12:16)

#Good morning! I am thrilled to be here. The reason I'm thrilled to be here is because I appreciate your pastor, his wife, and even his daughter. I appreciate his confidence and friendship in allowing me to be here. I'm not here because I know more than anybody else. I can honestly say that I am amazed at what God has done at Leagueville Baptist Church as much as anybody else. # Somebody said, "You need to write a book." If I did, I think that it would be the shortest book in history. One page would say 'Wow, look what God did'. That would basically be the end of it. I wish I had something to say. I wish I could say, 'here's what you have to do', but I don' have that. I will share with you this week what God has done, what our people has done and what the devil has done. But when you got God doing something and you have people doing something, I can promise you that there is going to be someone else working along with us. #I don't want to be so politically correct but I do want to be very frank and honest with you because I care. God has blessed us tremendously. We have a beautiful building, one of the most beautiful buildings I'm slightly prejudice but it's one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever been in. But it's just a building. That's all that it is. More than three years in the process and hopefully by Memorial Day it will be completed. It has been one of the most exciting and one of the most potentially devastating experiences of my ministry of a church that is more than 128 years old. Anytime you do something for the Lord. You are putting yourself in great danger. Now that's not a deterrent but it is reality. #So let me say now and I will say it over and over again this week; you are doing something like nothing else in the life of a church. There is nothing you will ever do as a church like building a new church, or like they say in East Texas, 'fixin to do'. There is nothing like it and so you need to be prepared for that and that's what we are going talk about. It's something that glorifies the Lord but it angers the heart of the devil. God will bless you and guide you and he will direct you, but Satan will fight you every step of the way. Let me say this, it will never come from where you think it is going to come from. I will share some of those things with you as we go on. #I want to begin at the beginning this morning. I want to lay a little foundation, if we could, and then try and build on that the rest of the week. We are going to talk about building and it's process but let me say, that's not the most important thing. That's just material. Metal, concrete, and lumber; that's all it is but that's not you. That's not where it begins and that's not where it's going to end. Before walls ever go up and before footing is poured, before foundation is laid and before 2x4's are set in place, there is a lot more important things to deal with. #That's where I want to start. It's not the building, not the material and not the finances. Those are irrelevant. What is important is what is God doing at Bethel Baptist Church. What's going on here? How are we as a church, as a body of Christ, how are you doing? That's the key. Because if you have problems here and now, those problems will be magnified and multiplied exponentially as you step further and further in this process. I can guarantee that. #Someone told me when we started this process to go back and read Genesis after Noah's building program, you know what happened to him. He got drunk and the thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion it has crossed my mind. And before this is all over with you all might be looking for bottles too so don't be judgmental. #I was telling Doyle, your webmaster, that I got an e-mail Thursday from a friend of mine who is an architect who said, "I didn't know you were so famous." What surprised me is that I didn't know I was so famous either. But it had a link there to a website. I went to the website and there I was. I was so proud of myself. But on that website was some song I sang somewhere. I don't know where I sang those songs. There were some messages I had preached and I got to looking at that and I had already talked to Brother Empey and told him that unless the Lord changed my mind about what I was feeling like the Lord wanted me to preach this morning, and there it was on the website. And I thought, I have only preached that message twice and it wasn't here so I don't know where that message came from. So maybe you've already heard this or seen it on the web site. If you are like most Baptists you don't even care and you wouldn't remember it anyway, but that's OK. We are going to go ahead with plans. Will that be all right? # (1 Chronicles 22:7) It was in his heart. That's where it began. Every building process and program for the Lord, whether you are building a home, relationship or whatever it is; it always begins in the heart. Any building program that begins in the mind has started wrong. #When we came to Leagueville, almost nine years in January, there were about 80 people there. If someone had said in so many years, you are going to build this 1.6 million dollar building and going to have 350 and 400 people, I would have never believed it. Why? My mind and my heart were not in those things. As the church started to grow, more and more I could see in my mind that, "Hey, we are coming to a point that we are going to have to do something. We can't keep going like this. We are out of space. There was no parking. There was no Sunday School space. We were growing beyond that and my mind kept dealing with those facts. #But you know what happened? It came in the process of time that Lord really began to work on my heart and I began to understand a little direction from the Lord. One of the scariest things I have ever done in my ministry is to start making my heart get in sync with my mind. Then I started coming to the realities of money. Where is this money going to come from? We don't have money to do anything like that. We are just a bunch of country folks out in the middle of absolutely nothing and I don't know where the people are coming from, much less money. I had no idea where that was going to come from. # But as the Lord continue that process, the burden of my heart began to get heavier and heavier and heavier, so much so that I began to share with the people that we needed to pray seriously about what God wants to do with our church. We need to be available to him. Automatically you have folks who said, "We can't afford to do anything like that. Look at our location and blah, blah, blah". Facts, facts, facts... Let me tell you something. The Lord has a lot of fun with facts. They really don't bother him much. They really don't. Joe Friday used to say, "Just the facts, Mam." God says, "I don't want your facts, I want your faith. The facts are (continued...)

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