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Truth Part 2

Freedom from Religious Traditions

(John 9:1-12)

This is the size of crowd I'm use to speaking to. We moved this from Wednesday night to Tuesday night where everybody could be and I'm not fussing - that's all right - it's certainly good to be back in God's House for this service and I appreciate the ones that are here and I know that some of you have been suffering from health problems and there's been other complications, but we're thankful for the ones who are able to be here this afternoon with us. I told Brother Empey that I feel like this sermon has just gone haywire but there still just a lot of points I'm totally and completely away from my original text which is not unusual - but you just think of the subject of the matter of Truth I mean it is just an endless subject - you never get thru teaching on Truth. There are so many things that happens, just like yesterday, this boy, I believe he said he's from Persia, its the guy I was talking about the other day, we were sitting around, we were going to have a fish fry, there on the job today - He works for science engineering - they do all our testing for us, soil, concrete stuff like that - so we invited him back today and he just made the statement " what are we drinking?" And we said, " Well, ya know, we are going to have cold drinks" and he said well "What about something with a little kick to it?" And we said, "Well, we can't do that. And besides that," I told him "we don't do that." And it's strange how conversations can go. And another guy was standing there and he made some statement and - anyhow they got where they started on wine and beer and vodka and tequila - I don't know they named several things. And this one guy made this statement. (You know, the boy that's not from this country) He said "they will tell you that it good for you to have a glass of wine with your meal" I said, "Who is 'they'? I want to know who 'they' is?' and he said " Well, you know, it's the different researches and studies that they have done on this." And another guy spoke up and said, "Well there's nothing wrong with having a little wine, Christ drank wine but he never got drunk." And this guy said, "How do you know?" And he said, "Well because the Bible said that he never got drunk." And the guy said, "You can't believe that, that's just what somebody's written down" You think Truth is important?? So, we're going to be on this a while.

Because Truth will set you free from sin. Set men free from biased ideas. This guy tells me that he's got 6 brothers and 1 or 2 sisters and I think all of them are in this country but 2. I'm trying to figure out - I started counting up my kids and I got to counsel their vote out. I don't want them people voting I don't think they're smart enough - I SHOULDN'T SAY THAT - DON'T PUT THAT ON THERE - THEY WILL BE COMING HERE AND FILING CHARGES ON US - but Truth will set men free from biased ideas.

Truth sets people free from religion, from superstition. We've talked about all those. And I guarantee I can go back and do a little bit of research and preach a long time on every one of them. But I'm not going to do that, because I've still got a lot to say about truth sets people from tradition. And I think that's probably one of greatest problems that, you know we like to use the terminology that we face today. They have been facing that since the beginning of time, since mankind fell and disbelieved God. It's just our nature now to have tradition. And we've been talking about this and I used the outline on the cure, Wednesday night before last. I get confused about when I preached and didn't preach and some people say they get confused when I do preach. That's all right - it's a confusing thing - isn't it? But God's word's not. Its very straight and very forward and you don't have to wonder about it. Randy came up to me tonight and said that Doyle was going to sing and that I could take as much time after that as I needed. I want to tell you one thing right now. There's a lot of people in this church that's got a lot of talent and anytime you want to use it on my shift you just jump right in there. But I tell you, Doyle, you could have put me on shouting ground or crying ground, all that kind of stuff with just that song. I don't know maybe songs don't affect you like that. But they do me. And I use to hide it and I don't hide it no more and I keep - whenever the people that I don't want to listen to on the radio when they bring somebody else on, I got a whole stack of CD's, I put them on and they just go to playing and I may be doing this (snapping fingers) there's no telling what kind of gyration I'm doing coming down that road but I tell you one thing, they're touching my heart with what they're singing. I keep stuff in there that I feel likes true. It makes me happy. It doesn't make me sad even though sometimes I cry when I hear it. But it doesn't make me sad. It makes me glad that we did have one that was willing to come and the cradle means nothing without the cross. And that is for sure.

Last week we did talk about, I mean week before last, we talked about Christ the Truth. We talked about the cure and we talked about how this man his characteristic was that of a lost sinner. He was blind. He was begging. He was helpless. And then he saw what Grace was all about. We found out that he was delivered. His eyes were anointed with clay made by spittle and then he was told to go and wash in the pool of Salome. There was no virtue. I don't know if I gave y'all these notes or not but I looked at them and I don't remember giving them to you and I think there are some good points here. There was no virtue in the dust or in the spittle. Nor in the clay formed, nor even in the pool, nor in the washing. None of this. This was done in order that the eyes might be unsealed - that the man born blind might be able to see. But none of these things were the main ingredient. None of these things actually gave him his vision back. I say back, he never had it. Gave him his vision for the first time. All of these in themselves were weak things. But God uses weak things. But the eye opening power lay in his OBEDIENCE to the word of God. To what God said. And we're leaning on the pickup and that guy said, "You don't think they'd write down there that he got drunk? They wouldn't want you to know that? " And he was serious, he was serious. But he just got thru saying - he said "you cant believe that" - I tell you - I've learned a little bit and you can learn a lot by listening to people. This guy just got thru saying "They said" and I ask him who "They" was and he couldn't even tell me who "they" was but he believed them but I'm not supposed to believe the Bible because somebody had written that down. I'm more apt to believe something that is written down than hearsay. Aren't you? No smarter than I am, I pick up on that. If it's written down - you take something written down into a court of law and you take something hearsay and (continued...)

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