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The Lesson of Uzza

Doing God's Business, God's Way.

(1 Chronicles 13:5-14)


1. What the Ark meant to Israel.

2. Read relative scriptures: (1 Chronicles 15:12-15, 25, 26)

(1 Chronicles 16:1)

3. Three illustrations of a human tendency:

a. My mom preparing egg sandwiches for my dad…

b. Friend insisting that I eat "pudim de quejo."

4. Let's examine our text:

I. The Failure… the elements (1 Chronicles 13:8)

1. They had an admirable goal (1 Chronicles 13:3)

a. To honor God…

b. To return the Lord to the rightful place among His people.

2. They had pure motives and right attitudes

3. They had proper qualifications: kings and priests.

4. There was plenty of preparation.

5. There was no lack of ceremony/pomp, music, songs, etc.

6. There was great attendance/participation (there was a multitude) – size does not equal success.

7. There was no lock of energy – not an insipid, cold dead.

8. There were two obvious things missing:

a. There was no sacrifice/sanctification (1 Chronicles 15:12-14) – service without worship.

b. There was no obedience as to revealed method of service…

II. The Fear… its effects, (1 Chronicles 13:12)

1. The death of Uzza caused great fear, because in the same way:

a. God killed those who offered strange fire – not authorized.

b. God killed those who looked into the ark – it was forbidden.

2. David's own sense of unworthiness… (1 Chronicles 13:12)

3. Some use the "strictness" or "severity" of God as an excuse:

a. Cease to serve.

b. Seek a more favorable religion.

c. Church hop to find a church whose methods are more agreeable

d. These all have one thing in common – they are fleeing God's authority. They want to do things the way they imagine they ought to be done.

5. Others feel intimidated by Holy fear – plan to wait till they feel they can successfully serve. Such a time will not come because we are incapable of serving successfully… It is Christ in us which enables us to do any good thing.

III. The Joy… its source, (1 Chronicles 15:25)

1. God blessed Obed-edom. In this manner may the humble soul abide with God in joy and peace and not die.

a. by being willing to serve – having the servant spirit.

b. by being ready in MOMENT of need, not only when convenient.

c. by being obedient to revealed law, the will of God, the Word.

2. David was blessed because preparation/method were done within the context of God's orders.

3. There was joy/success because the mind/will of God were considered first.

4. (1 Chronicles 15:14) The priests were in proper posture/place. Men and methods must be governed by God, not only men.

5. They sanctified themselves, offered sacrifices (1 Chronicles 16:26) – this implies submission to the authority of God. To be totally submissive to Jesus, His atonement and teachings is our sanctification today.


1. The fulfillment of an obligation in a wrong manner changes the nature of the act of fulfillment into an act of sin.

a. Even the "light of the wicked" is sin. (Proverbs 21:4)

b. the prayers of the wicked is counted as so much howling by God (Hosea 7:14) .

c. Taking communion unworthily is not counted as eating the Lord's Supper (1 Corinthians 11:20)

d. The Good works of the wicked are trash (Isaiah 64:6) . If a house is built completely of good material (stone/wood) , but not constructed upon a good foundation, the owner will certainly curse the day he ever tried to live in it.

2. When a Christian direct his service to God according to his own thinking/judgements/reasoning, and not according to the thoughts of God (as revealed in the Bible) his service turns into an act of sin. In the day of judgment, God will judge our works/acts of life, not by our sincerity of the strength of our reasoning, but by the "Books" (Revelation 20:12)

3. In view of this solemn fact, remember what the Bible/Book has to say about:

a. Salvation – it is by grace through faith (Galatians 2:8-9)

b. Baptism – the four elements are not an option but a command.

c. The church – is the Biblical Altar for our service. It is impossible to serve as well outside as from within.

d. The Christian attitude – to imitate Christ, your attitude must be that of a servant, not a king of critic.

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