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The Transforming Power of Prayer

(Ephesians 1:15-17)

Introduction: Paul heard about the salvation of the Ephesians all the way in Rome, a thousand miles away from Ephesus. And how does Paul respond? He does just say, Oh, thatís great. Nice to hear that. I guess Iíll go on with my pity party in this filthy Roman prison. No, he says, now more than ever, now that these people have come to faith in Christ, I need to pray for them, and I need to rejoice over them. And so Paul prayed, and it transformed him, and it also transformed the Ephesian believers. How does prayer change us?

I. In Prayer, there is a Realization

II. In Prayer, there is a Rejoicing

III. In Prayer, there is a Reliance

IV. In Prayer, there is a Remembrance

V. In Prayer, there is a Revival

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