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The Gospel According to Jesus

(Matthew 19:16-22)

Introduction: Tonight we want to pay careful attention to how Jesus Christ, who is the Greatest Evangelist and Missionary, evangelizes in here in Matthew 19. If there was ever a place to find a straightforward presentation of the Gospel according to Jesus, we would find it here, but what we find is shocking.

The Lord gave this young man a test. He had to choose between all that he loved in this life (in this case his possessions) and Jesus Christ. He failed the test. Let’s take a look at this rich young ruler. We’ll call him the “ultimate seeker”.

I. The Ultimate Saviour. “none good but God”

II. The Ultimate Seeker. “behold, one came”

III. The Ultimate Subject: “eternal life”

IV. The Ultimate Standard: “keep the commandments”

V. The Ultimate Salvation “sell all…follow me”

VI. The Ultimate Sorrow “went away sorrowful”

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