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Do not neglect salvation

(Hebrews 2:1-4)

I. Do not neglect the Gospel (Heb 2:1-2)

A. See the welcome

1. (Romans 10:13) Whosoever

2. (Romans 1:16) I'm not ashamed of the Gospel

B. See the warning

1. "Earnest heed=Explicit warning"

2. (John 3:3) A warning

3. To what we have heard!

(Romans 10:17)

4. We have let some things slip!!!!!

5. Faith does not come by sight, sound or signs......Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God......Not dramas....Not plays...Not in works, but by God's word.

II. Do not neglect the grace of God (Heb 2:3)

(1 Timothy 2:5)

(Corinthians 5:17)

A. Salvation changes hearts

To the drunk......It will take a bottle out of one hand and put a bible in the other.

To the gambler.....It will take away the losers game and give you godly grace.

To the lost man......It takes away the sinful nature and gives us a new nature.

B. Salvation changes habits "Only god can change old habits"

1. Think about how sad child neglect is!!

2. What if you did not feed your children.

3. What if you did not provide your children with clothes.

4. Spiritual neglect is worse than physical neglect.

5. It is worse to neglect a childs need for salvation.

III. Do not neglect the glory (Heb 2:4)

A. The move of God.

1. God's glory can take the ordinary to extrodinary

a. Where are the old prayer warriors?

b. Where are the old praising saints?

c. Where are the old time Preachers?

2. We lack an old fashion move of God in the Church today!!!!!!!!

B. The miracles of God

1. The greatest miracle is a soul getting saved!

IV. Do not neglect the gifts (Heb 2:4)

A. Gifts confirm the truth or they VERIFIED IT!

(1 Timothy 4:14)

(James 1:22)

(Galations 6:10)

B. God gives abilities

1. Talents, Need the touch of God.

2. Time, Needs to be spent wisely for God.

C. God gives availabilities
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